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Hash Algorithm : SCRYPT POW algorithm    ( Asic-friendly )

( With the addition of modified Dash's DarkGravityWave v3 algorithm, that changes difficulty every block, and progressively lowers difficulty if long stale tips happens !! Tested and working !!)

Total Supply : 2 100 000 000 LTNC

Difficulty adjusted every block and possibly in CURRENT block if a long network stale tip happens !! This protects LightningCash-Gold from high hash variations and " high hash attacks " , that happens frequently for new coins and kills them by making the mining difficulty too high for the "normal" network's hash rate. For more info :
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5119550 .

Changed  famous NOMP ( node open mining portal ) pool software to include possible CURRENT block difficulty change and send new work to miners if so.

NOMP's node-stratum-pool module adapted code : https://github.com/Lightningcash-dev/node-stratum-pool

Fast block target time of 1 minute !!

Number of confirmations needed for a transaction : 6  ( so a transaction is confirmed on average in 6 minutes only !!! )

Premine : 22 000 000 coins, barely above 1 % of max supply

Block Reward : 500 LightningCash ( halved every 2 100 000 blocks, so every 4 years on average )

Brand New Blockchain !!  ( downloading the new blockchain or re indexing it and syncing with the network actually takes less than 1 minute on average with a " normal " internet speed !!! )

The Hive : A " hodl and profit " mining system accessible to everyone, that works side by side with POW mining, invented by  LitecoinCash's developers !!

LightningCash-Gold Had No Initial Coin Offering

Current Coin Price Between: 0.00000002 and 0.00000020 BTC


LightningCash-Gold is a new cryptocurrency aimed toward speed and security. It is actively developed and updated regularly.


LightningCash-Gold's wallet is based on LitecoinCash


A LightningCash-Gold transaction is confirmed on average in 6 minutes only !

Premine Distribution

Only 1 % of maximum supply was premined to help with development and to be able to give back to community through bounties, airdrops, contests and charities donations. This represents 22 000 000 coins, and the maximum supply is 2 100 000 000 coins. Here is the projected premine repartition :

Team and Developers
Token Sale and Pre-Sale
Marketing and Exchanges Listings


Project idea

February, 2019

Create a new coin with unique characteristics and abilities.

Research & development

Early March, 2019

This actually never stops.

Official Launch

Early March, 2019

Official Bitcointalk ANN, source code and wallet releases.

Be close to community and make it grow

This should always be !

This is the most important part for a new coin, apart from having unique characteristics and attractive possibilities for new users.

Getting investors to know the great potential of LightningCash-Gold

March - June, 2019

For a coin to grow in popularity and use, it takes a good wallet, a good community base, active development, a good mining community, but in the end, it takes some initial investments.

Who is behind LightningCash-Gold ?

LightningCash-Gold founder and developper